SCSY .org

dot ORG is a Top Level domain.  It is the third in line from .com and .net

This TLD was established in 1985 for non profit organizations.

Now the amount of TLD's are almost endless, with more and more added every year.

.xxx is the most current one added.


English Bulldog Puppy Wichita Kansas


Above are a couple of examples of the dot com's and dot net's.

Many searches can be found about .org names in, Bing, or Yahoo.


SCSY can stand for many things, one was a security council at Yale!  Find your Vacation spot, Condo Rentals, Cruises, Florida Island fishing get away!

SCSI Small Computer System Interface
SCSI System Can't See It
SCSI Small Computer Standard Interface
SCSI Shodor Computational Science Institute
SCSI Source Coding with Side Information
SCSI Southern California Systems, IncorporatedSCSI Small Computer Serial Interface
SCSI Société Canadienne de Santé Internationale (Canadian Society for International Health)
SCSI Society for Computer Simulation, International
SCSI State Collection Service, Inc (Madison, Wisconsin)


REVENUERESOURCE.COM  -- Domain to make money with resource listings.